Platform, Channel and Content Audits

From taking a deep dive into the workings of your website and social channels to looking at the content you’re creating across all networks, Destination Toolbox brings perspective and expertise to your digital marketing.

In most cases, we take an inventory of everything you’re doing in the digital space. We look at your analytics, insights and any research you have. We prioritize any issues and put a plan in place to shore up weaknesses and look for opportunities.

Some common audits we provide:

  • Analytics/Insights
  • Website structure and SEO
  • Content
  • SEM and digital advertising
  • Social media channels

Media and Content Planning

Whether planning your content calendars or developing media plans, Destination Toolbox can be your partner in crafting plans for future success.

We work with you to define goals and identify the best ways to use the content you’re creating. We can set up processes for editorial creation, curating third-party content, working with freelancers and content distribution.

When it comes to paid media and advertising, we take an inventory of your brand and audience objectives. If needed, we can assist with persona development and then craft a plan to reach each audience category.

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Education and Training

Destination Toolbox is passionate about helping our clients succeed, and that includes keeping your staff updated and informed about trends in the industry. We are constantly researching new services, sharing news and tips and writing articles. We also are available to conduct on-site or conference training for your team or stakeholders.


Every organization needs good research to be successful. We can work with our research partners or your existing vendors to facilitate custom research and focus groups, and then help you make sense of the findings.

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