Web Application Development

Website Development

As the hub for all your digital and social efforts, your website and web applications need a solid foundation and a plan for future growth. Destination Toolbox brings a suite of solutions designed to give you the most feature-rich, easy-to-manage platform possible.

User Interface/User Experience Design

User personas are an important tool to help with UI/UX design, setting of website conversion metrics, and also for using as targets for paid advertising.

UI and UX are much more than a pretty set of graphics and animation: They are the method we use to drive conversions. So every website should start with a clearly defined set of KPIs and conversion metrics. Once we know how we’re going to measure success, we can begin the real work of planning the site:

  • Development of user personas and stories
  • Wireframing
  • Graphic design and digital brand implementation
  • Content structure and tagging
  • Navigation and organization
  • Mobile and desktop optimization

Content Management System

Modern websites need a robust content management system, and our toolbox includes several industry leading, open-source solutions. These include the widely used Drupal and WordPress CMS platforms. In some cases, we also will build a custom CMS for the client’s unique needs.

APIs and Data Integration

For many larger sites, the CMS is only one piece of the solution. We can also create custom data links, indexers and other implementations to bring your business data into your website. We also can create custom APIs to help you share your data within your organization or with your partners.


Whether you’re selling products online, doing digital invoicing or simply taking donations, we have several e-commerce solutions and partnerships with merchant providers that can make your online storefront a success.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is baked into everything we do, so we don’t typically think of this as a separate step in the process or as a stand-alone service.

Feature Development

No website is ever finished… just launched. And a good development plan puts in place room to grow and also makes plans for future features.

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