The End of Net Neutrality … We Hardly Knew Ye

June 11, 2018, was the official end of the Obama-era Net Neutrality rules that were enacted in 2015. It’s a disappointing development, but as with so many technology issues it was also a case of Washington fighting a battle when the war was already lost. The rules were enacted to specifically prevent: Blocking – ISPs couldn’t arbitrarily decide to not display websites or certain kinds of lawful content Throttling – ISPs couldn’t slow the transmission of any kind of lawful…

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Websites Need Transition Plan for HTTPS

In recent months, many websites have been scrambling to convert over to SSL encryption — or HTTPS — from the old-style vanilla HTTP that websites have used for years. The shift is being made more urgent by changes in Google’s Chrome browser during 2017, which has begun to show warnings on non-HTTPS websites. As a result, we are encouraging all of our clients to move to HTTPS serving as soon as possible.   Why does SSL matter? SSL (aka “secure socket…

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Facebook Pages Now Can Designate Video Contributors

Facebook is “all in” on their Facebook Live and other video products, and the platform is making it easier for pages to designate employees or third-parties as “Live Contributors” for their pages. This new level of page access makes it possible for pages to separate the management of the page from the individuals or organizations providing the video content. Live contributors can’t access the administrative parts of a Page — they only have the ability to go live. This new setting is ideal for…

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